VISITS' SCHEDULE: Tuesday to Sunday from 10a.m. to 06p.m.

The Foundation

Instituted by will by Amália Rodrigues

The Amália Rodrigues Foundation, instituted by will in 1997, and founded on December 10th of 1999, is based on the street of São Bento, nr. 193, intends to assert itself as a cultural and social institution, recognized at national and international level by the work developed in terms of preservation, study, and dissemination of the life and work of Amália Rodrigues.

The “Voice of Portugal” left written the will to institute a Foundation with her own name, which was intended not only to create an “Amália Rodrigues” Museum, but also to distribute its possible annual net income to the following entities: 15% to the Casa do Artista (institution of social solidarity that is in service to artists in Portugal), 15% to the Health or Nursing and First Aid Centre of Brejão (in case it was built), and the rest of the annual net income according to the Foundation’s objectives, in regard of the disadvantaged, and the charity and social solidarity institutions.

The Amália Rodrigues Foundation is also the owner of the name and image rights of Amália, managing this intangible heritage with the aim of raising support and revenue to carry out its mission.

To this day, the Foundation has preserved and studied all the heritage left at its care, assuming a clear commitment to honour the will of its Founder. It has not received, until today, any reimbursement by the Portuguese State nor other entities. Its financing is secured by the revenue generated from the entries on the House Museum, by the income obtained from the assets that Amália left to the Foundation, and by the promotion of events, literary publications, albums, and phonographic and video recordings, ornamental objects, and collections, among others, associated with the name of Amália Rodrigues.


The Foundation aims to assert itself as a cultural and social solidarity institution, recognized by the work developed in terms of preservation, study, and dissemination of the life and voice of Amália Rodrigues.

It aspires to be an institution that contributes to the dissemination and promotion of Portuguese identity, culture, and language, also highlighting its role and action in terms of social responsibility, particularly solidarity and inclusion of the most disadvantaged.

It seeks to be an active partner and actor within all cultural institutions and associations related to fado, and with the promotion of the Portuguese identity and language, and the Portuguese poets.


The Foundation’s mission was defined by Amália Rodrigues in her will:

  • The constitution of a House Museum in the house where she lived, open to the public for visits;
  • The distribution of the Foundation’s profits by Casa do Artista, the Health Centre of Brejão (place where she had her holiday house), and by the most disadvantaged, charities and social solidarity institutions.


  • The clear commitment to the desire expressed by our Founder in her will;
  • The engagement and enthusiasm placed in the daily work so that its implementation is a reality;
  • The search for excellence in processes, in the service to visitors, and in contacts with other entities;
  • Ethics, transparency, and rigor, both internally and externally, in labour relations, professional contacts, processes, and relations between all and with all;
  • The creation of a favourable environment by strengthening ties with other similar organizations and by a constructive relationship with all partners of the Foundation.