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Initiatives of the Commemorations Program for the Centenary of Amália’s Birthday

Exhibition "Bem-vinda sejas Amália"

To evoke the greatest figure of the Portuguese soul of the 20th century is the challenge that the Amália Rodrigues Foundation proposes to face with this itinerant exhibition, on tour, held in partnership with the Portuguese City Councils, unveiling multiple faces of the mythologized artist, deified, made global, and "heteronym of Portugal".

The title taken from a simple poster, exhibited by a popular, during her stays and visit to Brejão, synthesizes its authenticity, and expresses the sense of her countless admirers as a fado singer and as a woman.

(based on the text written by the author and coordinator of the project, Architect Rui Órfão)

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Other Exhibitions

There have been several tributes in the context of the Centenary of the Birth of Amália Rodrigues.

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Vibes & Beats Shows

In a partnership with the Amália Rodrigues Foundation, the Portuguese producing company Vibes & Beats presents, since 2020, several shows in tribute to Amália, called Amar Amália. It will also produce the Gala of the Centenary Celebrations in October 2021, at Coliseu dos Recreios (Lisbon), having other shows planned, in Porto for instance.

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"Amália - Uma História de Vida" Concerts (Vox Angelis)

To mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Amália Rodrigues, Vox Angelis (Portuguese musical group) prepared a Multimedia Show, bringing to the public the main Fados that immortalized the voice of Amália, as well as a historical narration of her life story, with a simultaneous projection of about 200 unpublished photographs.

It is a beautiful show, of historical-musical nature, which includes famous themes such as "Com que voz", "Que Estranha Forma de Vida", "Gaivota", "Cuidei que tinha morreu", "Lágrima", "Grito", "Fado Amália" alternating the sung part with instrumental themes of Armandinho and Raul Nery, and with narration and projection.

(text taken from the music group’s Facebook page)

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Commemorative Editions

In the context of the celebrations of the centenary of the birth of Amália Rodrigues, its Foundation (created by her own written will) established several partnerships with brands to develop commemorative editions of that anniversary, to fulfill its own mission - to help the most disadvantaged.

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Other Initiatives

The centenary celebrations of the birth of Amália also feature the weekly program of RTP (Portuguese national TV network), "Em Casa D'Amália", other shows/concerts and masses celebrated in honor of the Queen of Fado. Learn more in Programming.


The Centennial Commemoration Program has the High Patronage of the President of the Portuguese Republic.