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Amália Rodrigues


Amar Amália

Vibes & Beats Concert

The show honoring the voice of Portugal began its world tour on June 17th, 2022, at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, France. It was the first city to receive this show, which promises above all to remember, make feel and renew the spirit of the artist! Discover what will be the next destinations of this concert by clicking on the button below.

O Homem d'Amália

Yellow Star Company Show

The story of a man who existed and ceased to exist because he fell in love with a star that could not be reached. Through the fados she sang, the verses she wrote, and the passions she felt, the audience will be able to accompany Amália for an hour and a quarter, seeing her with the eyes of the man who lived for her and died for her. With text and interpretation of Virgílio Castelo.

The House Museum

The desire of Amália Rodrigues

The House Museum Amália Rodrigues was inaugured on July 23rd of 2001, fulfilling one of Amália’s desires: to open her house to the public and share, with it, her most personal and intimate side. In fact, here, we do a true voyage to Amália Rodrigues’ life and we recreate her day-to-day life: it is possible to see her dresses and stage jewellery, her balandraus that she wore at home, and other personal objects, her awards and honours, her memories…

The Foundation Logo

The Foundation

Instituted by will by Amália Rodrigues

The Amália Rodrigues Foundation, instituted by will in 1997, and founded on December 10th of 1999, is based on the street of São Bento, nr. 193, intends to assert itself as a cultural and social institution, recognized at national and international level by the work developed in terms of preservation, study, and dissemination of the life and work of Amália Rodrigues.

Areas and services

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The House Museum's Garden

Come to the garden, where Amália so often strolled, had conversations with friends and some parties. Enjoy this unique space in the heart of Lisbon!
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Brejão’s Estate

Located in the Southwest of Alentejo, the Brejão's estate, Herdade de Amália, is an ex-libris of the region.